Pachet 1: spalat + tuns + uscat simplu 125 RON
Pachet 2: spalat + tuns + coafat 160 RON
Pachet 3: spalat + coafat clasic 100 RON
Pachet 4: spalat + coafat extensii 145 RON
Vopsit radacini 135 RON
Supliment vopsea 75 RON/tub
Decolorat 50 RON/cupa
Spalat vopsit/decolorat 40 RON
Coafat dupa vopsit/decolorat 65 RON
Uscat dupa vopsit/decolorat 30 RON
Coafat special/ocazie (inclusiv spalat) 195 RON
Coafat mireasa 290 RON


Spalat + styling 25 RON
Tuns barba/contur 20 RON
Pachet 1 (spalat & tuns) 65 RON
Pachet 2 (spalat & tuns foarfeca) 75 RON
Pachet 3 (spalat & tuns & barba) 75 RON
Pachet 4 (spalat & tuns foarfeca & barba) 85 RON
Vopsit barba 30 RON


Mani clasic (femei) 35 RON
Pedi clasic (femei) 45 RON
Manichiura barbati 45 RON
Pedichiura barbati 55 RON
Spa 20 RON
Mani/pedi semi 75/85 RON
French 15 RON
Model/decoratiuni/unghie 5/3 RON
Aplicat oja semi 40 RON
Indepartat oja semi 15 RON
Mani infinity shine 45 RON
Pedi infinity shine 55 RON
Aplicat oja clasica/tratament 15 RON

Our Mission

“Our mission to our current and future guests:
From the time we shake hello and wave goodbye you are our main focus. We will truly listen to what you are requesting along with giving you our honest and educated feedback. We will bring our clients the most updated styles, current trends and quality products. Through continuing education, passion and experience our goal is that a member of our team to become your personal hair consultant.”

Respect from a team which realy cares about you,

Black Hat Studio team.


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